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Leeside Manor,

I want to thank you from the depth of my heart for being here for __ and I and walking through this journey with us. I truly have no idea how we would get through this difficult time in our lives without you. You are such a blessing to us both and have made us feel like family. I think he has settled in and feels like this is his home. May God abundantly bless you, your families, and your business.



Thank you Leeside Manor, my husband developed dementia at a relatively young age. I still need to work full time.  I take him to Leeside Manor in the morning on my way to work and then pick him up on my return home in the evening. I love the comfortable environment here.




My wife __ suffers from M.S., recently her care needs have become overwhelming.  Leeside Manor cares for her in the daytime, so I can rest and work.  They even transport her to medical appointments with the aid of their wheelchair lift van.


I am able to care for myself, but it has become very difficult to also care for my husband __.  I do not want to place him in a full time care facility at this point.  He spends the day and evening at Leeside Manor and enjoys socializing with the people his age there.


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