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Senior Day Time Care & Respite
at Leeside Manor

Providing Leisure and Support to Seniors and their Family Members

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a welcoming environment where Seniors can come each day to enjoy leisure and community. As well as a place where their family members can find support and freedom. 

Doing Jigsaw Puzzle
Picnic Spot

Ways We Help

We have daily activities that provide opportunities to socialize and to be active with different levels of mobility. Activities include a weekly tea party, hands-on projects in our workshop, and field trips.

Acoustic Guitar

Music Monday

Tea Time

Tea Party Tuesday

A Woman Writing at Home

Family History 

Picnic Basket

Field Trip Friday

What Sets Us Apart

When a family member does not want, or cannot afford, to put their Senior loved one into a Senior Facility, the responsibility then rests primarily on their shoulders to care for their Senior on a daily basis. 

With the assistance of our day program, the family member can step away to attend to chores or take a needed rest for a few hours each day knowing their loved one is taken care and watched over.

If the family member is searching for social opportunities for their loved one, but wants to stay by their side, family is always welcome to visit and participate in activities with their Senior at Leeside Manor.

Susan Lee, owner and operator of Leeside Manor

About Us

Owner and operator, Susan Lee, has a Master's Degree in Human Services Administration, a CNA degree, and 30 years of experience in the caregiving field. As a working woman, she wanted affordable care that would allow her father to live at home with them. While investigating the possibilities of daily care for her dad, she became aware of the need for senior day time care. Susan felt a senior day service would provide an engaging environment for Senior's and some respite for the caring family member. Unable to find such a service, she decide to start one herself.


22803 19th Dr NE

Arlington, WA 98223

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